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I Just Realized...
So today I began to think, my Percy Jackson adventure started in the 3rd grade, and now here we are, almost at the very end. We have less than one year left of anticipation for a new book from Rick.
So I sat in my room with these huge tears rolling down my face, realizing what a strong influence these books have had over me. they made me see the world in a new life, they made me a fangirl. These characters have made me a better student, person, and taught me how to really laugh. Its frightening to know that all of the adventures with Percy and the Gang will be over in less than a year. I mean just look how far we've come since the original gang and prophecy! But to think that all of this will be over so soon, actually too soon, for my taste quite frankly is really starting to scare me.
I cant even bare to think about some of the things that could happen to our beloved characters in BoO!
Anybody else?

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