Day 1 - Very First Anime


One day I saw my older sister watch it on the computer and started laughing at her (going back in the past and punching myself in the face). But after a while looking at the screen it caught me and I decided to watch it with her. That’s when it all begun. (at the end she stopped watching it and I continued alone)

Converstaion of the Dragons

  • Igneel: We should all hide in our childrens' bodies for fourteen years while they cry and look for us and then come out when they're about to die.
  • Metallicana: ...
  • Grandine: ...
  • Igneel: ...
  • Grandine: Wonderful
  • Metalicana: Yes
  • Weisslogia: Idiots, we should make them believe that they killed us and emotionally scar them forever.
  • Igneel: ...
  • Metalicana: ...
  • Grandine: ...
  • Weisslogia: ...
  • Igneel: No
  • Metalicana: Bad
  • Grandine: Awful
  • Skiadrum: Amaze

Why Natsu deserves your love


This one goes out to lucysenpaii n.n I thought I would do an entire blog on why you should love Natsy because, I mean, how could you not love this face:


I’ve also come to notice all the things about how Natsu “isn’t a good protagonist and he’s stupid” so let’s evaluate on all of the…


I can’t believe that everything is coming to an end and now they will start another set of anime full of feels to ruin everything AGAIN.